10 Moral Stories Can Make Your Life Better.

10  Moral Stories Can Make Your Life Better.  Moral Stories are the  great way to teach essential life morals and values for the humans inciuding kids and youngsters. Read the best Moral Stories.   1 .R esponsibility   |  Moral Stories. There w… Read more

The Blind Vultur | Moral Stories.

The Blind Vultur | Moral Stories. A long time ago, A blind Vulture lived on a large tree. He made his home, in the hollow of the tree. Many birds also made their nests, on the large tree. The birds used to pity the blind Vulture. They used to feed him some lefto… Read more

Think Big | Moral Stories.

Think Big| Moral Stories. Kids And Moral Stories.   Once in a village, there was a poor boy. The financial condition of his family was not at well. At that time, there were no room nor food for all the members in his house. But his parents taught him till gr… Read more

Effects of Words|Moral Stories.

Effects of Words| Moral Stories .  Raja Bhadrasing was a public and judiciary. Moral and life were very aware of values, but his son was a great almighty, rebellious, lofty and merciless. He used to suffer from the new troubles every day. (Moral Stories) Du… Read more

Always Be With Gratitude | Moral Stories.

Always Be With Gratitude|Moral Stories.            Once in a village lived a poor farmer with his family. Due to lack of rains, no harvest took place. So there was poverty everywhere. Many people went to other villages in search of a living. But this poor farmer … Read more

Slow and Steady | Moral Stories.

Slow and Steady | Moral Stories. There once was a speedy hare. who bragged about how fast he could run One day, Tired of hearing him boast, the Slow and Steady tortoise, challenged him to a race. The date for the race was fixed and all the animals in … Read more