Clever Frog Moral stories

Clever Frog Moral Stories,Moral Stories,short moral stories

Two big fishes, Named Sahastrabuddhi and Satbudhi lived in a big pond. One frog that was a close friend of both of the fish. They used to spend a lot of time with each other on the edge of the pond.
(Clever Frog Moral stories)
One evening, when they were gathered along the pond, they saw some fishermen coming. They had a trap and a big basket, in which the fish caught by them was full.
While passing through the pond, they saw that the pond was full of fish. One of them said to others, "We will be here tomorrow morning, this lake is not very deep and full of fish. We never caught the fish in this pond.
They agreed to come back the next morning, and continued their journey.
(Clever Frog Moral stories)
The frog had become depressed after listening to the fishermen and said, "O friend, we should decide what to do, where to go or hide. These fishermen will return tomorrow morning! "
(Clever Frog Moral stories)
The fish did not care much, the first fish said, "O friend, this is just a talk of some fishermen, do not worry, because they will not come and if they come, then I know the safe place of very deep water. "I can easily protect myself and my family.
(Clever Frog Moral stories)
The second fish said, "I also know the safe place in deep water, I can save myself and my family too. I support you, because I will not leave the house of our ancestors and ancestors on the matter of some fishermen.
But the frog was not convinced, he said, "My friend, my only talent is that I can expect danger. You can live, but with my family I will go to another lake before the morning.
(Clever Frog Moral stories)
The next morning, the fishermen came and put all the net in the pond and caught many fishes, frogs, turtles and crabs. Sahastrabuddhi and Satbuddi worked hard to avoid, but none of their things worked. They stacked, and when the fishermen took their nets on the edge of the pond, they had already died.

Moral : Work quickly to save yourself, at the first sign of danger.