Kabirdas  Moral Stories.

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 Once Guru Ramanand told Kabir that Kabir! Today is the day of Shraddha and the Kheer for the ancestors is to be made. You go, bring milk to the kheer of the ancestors...
[Moral stories]
 Kabir was 9 years old at that time. They started taking milk pots. On the way, he got a cow dead in the same way. Kabir overthrown grass and placed it beside the cow and sat down there.
The milk vessel was also kept nearby.

 It's too late. When Kabir did not return, Guru Ramanand thought it was time to feed the ancestors, but Kabir has not yet come. Ramanand himself had to take milk himself to think this way.
[Moral stories]
When they got on the move, they saw that Kabir was sitting in a kitchen near a dead cow. Seeing this, Guru Ramanand said, 'O Kabir, you have not gone to take milk.'

 Kabir said - Swamiji, this cow will eat the grass first, then it will give milk.
Ramanand said - Oh this cow is dead, how will he eat grass?
[Moral stories]
Kabir said - Swami Ji, this cow is dead today. When the dead cow cannot eat grass today, how will you eat dead paternal kheer 100 years ago ...?

 Ramanandji was silent on hearing this and he realized his mistake.

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