Moral Stories For Students

Moral Stories For Student's.

Moral Stories For Students which tells the moral values through Stories ,normally humans didn't listen morals and life facts but stories are the way. So I am presenting the moral stories.

Effect Of Words | Moral Stories For Students

 Raja Bhadrasing was a public and judiciary. Moral and life were very aware of values, but his son was a great almighty, rebellious, lofty and merciless. He used to suffer from the new troubles every day.

Due to being a prince, nobody dared to complain about him. Taking advantage of this, he became autocratic, but it came to the king.

The king made several measures to improve it. None of the academicians, logicists and psychiatrists could improve it. The people were oppressed by their harassment. The king was very worried. He did not understand what to do.

Fortunately a few days later a saint named Phadchacharya came there. He tried hard to get the princess on the road after listening to the king's problem, but the result was nothing.

One day the medicinal sage was traveling in the garden with that lofty princess, when the child started to chew by breaking a leaf from a small plant and putting it in the mouth. The leaves were very bitter When he came in anger, he threw and threw the plant out of the root. With this act the sage became very angry and began to scold him.

The lump boy said that its leaves have made my whole face bitter. That's why I overthrew it and thrown it out.

Sage said with great emotion - Son, take care, this is a tree of medicine. The medicine made from the extracts of its leaves removes many incurable diseases, hence it has been installed in the royal family. It is very beneficial for stomach diseases, which is the medium of saving small children's health.

You are engaged in destroying such priceless medicine with your own mindless wisdom, you should be ashamed. You did not like the bitterness, but did you ever think of your bitter nature? Do you know how much the people are being harmed by the bitterness of your immoral and defective nature? The failure of your father's people is failing.

The words of the sage touched the heart of that cramped child. From that moment the direction of his life has changed. Now he deserves to be the real successor of his father's father.


Mother Care| Moral Stories For Students

Mother care we all know that is like a shade in the dark sunlight that soothes and lessened the effects of swelter, mother and baby are complementary of each other, mothers are very important for every child due to the fact that she knows and understand the need of her children better than others. So, we should never forget that the happiest moment that comes in our life is not only for us, but our parents are too shareholder in that moment.

It was a celebration day for Mr. Dayal as he got a promotion so he was very excited today. Mr. Dayal was the person who thinks twice before spending single penny, but in excitement of long pending promotion, he bought four large pieces of sweets made up of coconut, it is because he was only having four members in his family, his wife and two little children.

Mr. Dayal?s wife Sudha got surprised that stingy nature of her husband bought sweets, what could make him to do so? When she came to know about her husband?s promotion she was amazed as it was unexpected for both of them. First Sudha kept sweets in front God, then she picked away the sweets and distributed among her husband and children. Sudha kept her share to have after completion of domestic chores, but it was happened like that getting tasty sweets after long time Sudha?s children asked for more sweets so Sudha distributed her share of sweet among her children. On noticing this Mr. Dayal asked his wife why she gave away her share to children, Sudha replied that her share is her children not that sweet, she will be more happier about seeing her children happy and satisfied.

 For good cause and welfare and for the happiness of their children, mother never says ?No?, mother care is heavenly that?s why she has been placed above God.
The lesson we learnt from this story is that ?A great many candles can be lite from a single candle and the life of the flame won't be abbreviated.Happiness never decreases by being shared?. This can mother understand well because mother cares for their children.

 Karna | Moral Stories For Students

Once Sri Krishna was praising the donation of Karna in a meeting held. Arjun was also present in the meeting at that time, he was unable to bear the grave appreciation of Karna by Krishna. Lord Krishna saw Arjuna more and in the moment, know the feelings of Arjuna. Sri Krishna decided to give Arjuna knowledge of Karna's bounty.
A few days later, A Brahman'wife had died in the city. Brahman went to the palace of Arjuna and requested Arjun to say - "Dhananjay! My wife is dead, she had said in her last wish of death, saying that my cremation should be performed only with sandalwood, so can you give me sandal woods?

Upon hearing the Brahman, Arjuna said, "Why not?" And Arjuna immediately urged the Treasurer to plant twenty-five timber lanes, but on that day there was no sandalwood in the store nor in the market. The treasurer came to listen to Arjuna and expressed his inability to become Chandan's wood in front of Arjun. Arjun also sent Brahmin to his helplessness and sent his hand back.(Mo
ral Stories For Student's)

The Brahman now reached the castle of Karna and demanded Chandan wood for Karna ,according to his wife's last wish. There was the same position in front of Karna, neither in the palace nor in the market, Chandel's timber was present. But Karna immediately urged his treasurer to take out the pillars of sandalwood in the palace and give it to the Brahmin. Brahmin went with Chandan woods and completed his wife's cremation.
In the evening when Shri Krishna and Arjun came out for a walk. Seeing the same Brahman pis performing kirtan on the crematorium. Curiously when Arjuna was inspired by Brahmin, Brahmin said that Karna has removed my distress by taking out the pillar of his palace, God bless him.

Seeing this, Lord Shri Krishna spoke to Arjun, "Arjun! The pillars of sandalwood were also in your palace but you did not remember them. Upon hearing this, Arjuna became ashamed and he became convinced that Karna is called "Danvir Karan".

Moral: Karna was a good person who had the good quality,but he stood in the wrong side so ,in mahabarth he called as recognised as a bad person.

Fathers Decision | Moral Stories For Students

This story is based on father son relationship, it is not just a story to read, but it is all about feelings to be shared, how important our people are especially our parents, and the things belongs to us are invaluable.
Narayan had grown old; he lost his wife a few years ago. He had three sons who were staying far away from him due to their respective jobs. 

Narayan was fond of his home because he built it from his hard earn money and spared many loving moments with his family, that was why he was not agreeing to go to any of his sons. But in certain circumstances, he was compelled to take a decision about his life so he called his sons. One by one he put a question in front of them that in case he become disabled, what would his sons do for him? His elder son replied that I?ll take you along with me and give you proper care; his second son replied the same as his elder brother said. Lastly Narayan asked this question to his younger son, he answered that he will come to him and would love to stay with him. After hearing his three sons, Narayan told them about the distribution of property. 

He distributed land and cash equally among his three sons, but he owed his home, which was priceless for him to his younger son. Now he was sure about that his younger son will never go to sell it and would take care of it even after his father?s demise, and he will certainly come to that home some day to stay.

The lesson we learnt from the story Fathers Ultimate Decision is that we should always respect our parents wishes.

King's Dog | Moral Stories For Students

A king was traveling in the boat with his dog. There was also a philosopher with other passengers in the boat. The dog never traveled in the boat, so he was feeling uncomfortable. He was jumpy and was not letting anyone sit down.

The sailor was upset with his jolt that in such a situation the boat would sink with the flurry of passengers. He will also sink and take others too. But the dog was bouncing because of its nature. Seeing such a situation the emperor was also angry. But, he did not understand any way to improve the dog.

The philosopher sitting in the boat did not live. He went to the King and said - Government! If you allow me, I can make this dog a cat.
The King gave immediate permission. The philosopher took the support of two passengers and threw that dog out of the boat and threw it into the river. The dog started catching floating boat pegs. He was now feeling the heat of his life. After some time the philosopher dragged him into the boat.

The dog went secretly and sat in a corner. The king with the passengers of the boat was astonished by the behavior of that dog. The emperor asked the philosopher - it was already jumping and doing acts, now see how it is sitting like a pet goat?

Speaking of philosophical - without having to taste the pain of self, one does not realize the other's misfortune. When I throw this dog into water, it is understood as the power of water and utility of the boat.

Possible Became Impossible | Moral Stories

 Possible became impossible  Once upon a time there was a vibrant king who wanted to see his people happy and satisfied. One day king got up early and went to terrace to inhale fresh morning air, Suddenly, he found a beggar who was passing by near his palace, holding an empty peculiar bowl in his hand.since, its a morning time, no one would give him a single penny the king muttered, and called one of his minister and ordered him to bring the beggar who was passing by the palace. But sooner the minister reached to the beggar, he disappeared.

All of a sudden King decided to roam his kingdom, so he called his prime minister to make arrangements for his departure, as per order prime minister made all the necessary arrangements for his king.At the dusk, when king was returning to his palace, he saw the same beggar whom he saw early in the morning. King ordered his minister to bring that beggar inside the palace. Minister brought the beggar, king got surprised when he found the beggars peculiar bowl partially filled, and then king asked to beggar, it passed almost whole day still your bowl remained partially filled! Beggar said my lord, todays collection was far better than past few days. King said, where all the collection gone? Beggar replied, my lord, Iam too confused. Then king ordered his treasurer to bring ample quantity of gold coins from his treasury, the treasurer followed the order. King told the beggar now your bowl would be filled with these gold coins and king poured all coins in that bowl.

The bowl was not being filled completely, king got dismayed and ordered more coins to fill the bowl but still bowl remained half filled. Then king took it as a challenge to fill it, but king couldn't succeed, he thought it was seemed possible but sooner became impossible. At last, King furiously ordered his one of minister to snatch that bowl from beggar and ordered him to detect about the material of which the bowl made . After thorough analysis the result came and minister disclosed it to king that, your majesty, it is made of human skull.

King remained dumb founded!

The lesson we learnt from this fable is that human desire are unlimited, and gradually the desire transforms into greed. So, we should try to check our desire.

The Prestigious Pauper | Moral Stories For Student's

For ages, King Akbar always had questions and his favorite courtier Birbal promptly delivered the answers. Birbal?s style wasn?t much appreciated by his fellow courtiers. But the King always admired Birbal?s honest approach and his witty responses. The king never got tired of asking questions. Birbal, in turn, never shirked from satisfying his Majesty with the fine answers.
Once, Akbar decided to play a trick on Birbal, ?My dear Birbal,? he started. ?Is it possible for a man to be poorest of all and yet demand respect?? asked the King.
Birbal, a sharp thinker, understood what the Emperor was driving at. Birbal said, ?Your Majesty! I think it is possible for a man to be poor and yet be respected by others.?

Akbar was surprised. He firmly believed that such a man did not exist. He said, ?Birbal, find such a man and bring him to my court. Do not return without accomplishing that mission. Leave immediately.?
?Yes, Your Majesty!? replied Birbal as he took leave. He walked many a mile in search of such a person. After two days of search, he came across a very poor pauper outside the kingdom itself.
The old pauper?s clothes were tattered. He looked pale and weak. He used a stick to support himself while walking.

Birbal brought the pauper to Akbar?s court. The Emperor looked at the pauper and asked Birbal, ?This man looks poor. But how is he respectful??
Birbal smiled and said, ?Your Majesty! This man is prestigious for he has been invited by the greatest Emperor ever and that is you, Your Majesty!?
?My King! It is not wealth alone that makes a person earn respect,? added Birbal.

 Akbar realized how his chief advisor has once again taught him a lesson. The King beamed at Birbal with appreciative eyes.

Emperor Akbar was one of those young kings who succeeded to the throne very early in their life. King Akbar had nine wise courtiers to guide him. Birbal was one of the nine gems in his court. He was Akbar?s most trusted courtier and advisor.

Friends hope you understand the morals ,because i am not tried told you story but i tried to tell the morals of life ,i know some of their spelling mistakes are there but hope you understand it.