Rabbit And Elephant Moral Stories

Rabbit And Elephant Moral Stories,moral Stories, stories

In a dense forest, there was a herd of elephants. Elephants lived in a certain place near a pond, and they did not need to go out.
For some time the pond had begun to dry due to lack of rainfall.
(Rabbit And Elephant Moral Stories)
Some elephants met the king of elephants and said, "Our Majesty, we do not have any other water. Our little children are on the brink of death. We should find some other place where there is plenty of water. "
After thinking for a while, King Of elephant
said, "I remember that there is a very large lake, that place is still full of water. Let us go there ".
(Rabbit And Elephant Moral Stories)
The next morning they started walking. After traveling for five days and five nights, the elephants finally reached that place. Actually there was a big lake, which was filled with water.
(Rabbit And Elephant Moral Stories)
There was innumerable holes in the soft earth all around the lake, in which a group of rabbits survived.
When the elephants saw so much water in the lake, they were happy, and started jumping into the water regardless of the world.
(Rabbit And Elephant Moral Stories)
Suddenly many holes were destroyed due to this ruckus, many rabbits were trampled under elephants while many died, many others were seriously injured. But the rabbits could not do anything to stop this sorrow, only those who escaped could save themselves.
(Rabbit And Elephant Moral Stories)
When the elephants left in the evening, the rabbits who fled had returned. They gathered in grief and began to talk to each other, "Oh dear! Due to lack of water everywhere, elephants will come here every day. We should think about something, otherwise tomorrow we will be more crushed. What can we do against powerful elephants? To survive, we should leave this place. "
One of them rabbit disagreed, he said, "Friends! This is our ancestral house, if we can scare the elephants, then
They will not come back. I can think of a way to scare them. We are sure to be a little rabbit, but we are all capable. I have a plan. "
(Rabbit And Elephant Moral Stories)
As the plan was planned, a rabbit sat on a hill that was on the way to the elephants. After a while the king of elephants came with their whole flock. The rabbit shouted, "You rogue elephant! I stop you from entering the lake. This lake belongs to the moon god.
The king of the elephant was amazed but he did not have the courage to anger any god. He asked what was the message for him.
(Rabbit And Elephant Moral Stories)
Rabbit said, "I am the messenger of the moon god. He has sent me to inform you that he is preventing you from entering your lake. Yesterday, due to your travel many rabbits were crushed, God, is very angry with you. If you want to survive, you should not enter the lake again. "
The elephant king remained quiet for some time, and then said, "If so, tell me where your moon is, and I will go away with my herd, and we will apologize for it."
There had already been an evening here, so the rabbit said, "Moon God has just arrived in the lake to console the dead rabbit families. If you want to meet him, come with me! "
(Rabbit And Elephant Moral Stories)
The clever rabbit took the elephant to the bank of the lake, from which the reflection of the moon could be seen in water. He said, "Today he is very upset, please bow down and leave quietly. You should not distract them, otherwise they will become angry. "

The king of the elephant was surprised to see the moon in the water. He believed in the rabbit, and the elephants left the place. After that the rabbits happily stayed there without being disturbed by elephants.

Moral : Even if there is a small animal, he can beat his big animal with his cleverness.