The Sour Grapes Moral Stories

The Sour Grapes Moral Stories,story,Moral Stories.
Once in a forest they lift a furry Fox, he was wandering around the forest in search of food"I am so hungry I need to eat something ".
(The Sour Grapes Moral Stories)
The Fox was passing a vineyard but he was an affair it was one I am so hungry that I can't even see what that round pink is he went a little ahead but stopped as he noticed the smell of the delicious  grapes.
 (The Sour Grapes Moral Stories)
    Wow there are so many delicious grapes in that vineyard" I am so hungry and my mouI is watering "the Fox looked at the brief wine and jewelled the fox jumped up to the creeps but the grapes were too high for him he tried and tried but the effort was futile he tried again and this time he was about to touch them but failed again oh ! I am so tired these grapes are too high I can't reach them at any cost he sat there and thought for a long time that how he can get those grapes he suddenly got up and said to himself those grapes are probably  sour .

Thought: The Fox couldn't reach the grapes and hence escaped by making excuses but his Stomach kept growling of hunger and he had to go without eating anything.

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