Why Elephants Moral Stories.

Why Elephants Moral  Stories ,short moral stories,

    Once a person was taking an elephant to the rope. A second person was watching it. He  was surprised to wonder that such a large animal is tied with this rope. The other person asked with the owner of the elephant, "How is it possible that a large  animal can not break a light rope .
(Why Elephants Moral Stories)
The owner of the elephant told him that when these elephants are small they are tied to the rope, at that time they try to break the rope but they can not break it. If you can't break that rope even after trying again and again, the elephants think that they can not break this rope and leave them trying to grow.
(Why Elephants Moral Stories)
Moral: we too have many such negative things
 We can not sit in And bind themselves with a similar rope which is not really true.