Very Short Stories With Morals

Very Short Stories With Morals
The very short stories with moral are collected diligently and presented here for your reference.Which can read by kids easily and less time to read this story .

A Glass Of Milk | Very Short Stories With Morals

Very Short Stories With Morals

Once upon a time there was a poor boy who made a living selling several things door to door. That's how he earned money to pay for his school.

One day, while walking from house to house, he felt hungry and weak. He felt he could not walk a few steps. He decided to order food in a house. He knocked on the door and was stunned to see a beautiful girl open the door. With much hesitation, he asked the girl for a glass of water.

The girl understood his condition and offered him a large glass of milk. With a surprised look, the boy drank the milk very slowly.

"How much do I owe you for this milk?" I ask her.

The girl replied: "I do not want money for that."

That boy thanked the girl from his bottom of  heart and leave that place.

The years have passed. The girl grew up. Unfortunately, in his youth, he became ill and was diagnosed with the rarest type of nervous disorder. Many experienced doctors were confused by her condition and were admitted to the city hospital with the most modern facilities.

Dr. Kevin, a renowned specialist in neurology, was summoned by the hospital to examine him. Even with his extraordinary experience, Dr. Kevin found that the girl's illness was very difficult to treat. However, with the perseverance and hard work that lasted for months, he was finally able to control the disease. With medication and careful monitoring, the girl was completely cured at the end.

Everyone praised the doctor, but the girl was very worried about the hospital bill. His family had only a little money in the bank, which was not enough to pay for such a long treatment in this famous hospital.

The girl finally received the note from the hospital. With trembling hands, she opened it. He was surprised to see that the bill had been cancelled and cancelled, and there was a note signed by Dr. Kevin.

"Bill paid many years ago with a single glass of milk!"

Moral: A good turn generates another.

 Do Not Want To Walk When You Have Wings To Fly | Very Short Stories With Morals

Very Short Stories With Morals

Once upon a time there was a generous king and a good heart. He loved birds and animals and had a huge ornithological reserve in his kingdom. He did not like to hurt animals and birds. He did not kill them for the meat.
(Very Short Stories With Morals)
In recognition of his generosity and kindness to the birds, the king received two beautiful hawks from a businessman. These two hawks were used to different weather conditions. The king thanked the businessman and ordered the head coach to provide all the necessary facilities for these beautiful hawks and make them comfortable in their country. The head coach took care of the birds. Little by little, the birds adapted to the country's climate.

One day, the king wanted to see the hawks fly, because he had heard that one of these hawks could fly at very high heights at very high speed. The coach of the birds let the hawk get out of the enclosure. He flew very high, very fast and went down into the enclosure in a few minutes.

The king was very surprised and rewarded the coach of the birds with a handful of gold coins. He asked about the other hawk. The bird trainer said with regret that the other hawk had not moved since the first day and sat on the branch. The coach also added that he tried everything but still did not move the bird.

The king comforted him and told him that he would bring someone more experienced than him to try to train the other hawk.

Soon the king announced that he needed someone to move the falcon and fly it.

Hearing this announcement, an old man came to the king's palace and assured him that he would fly the bird like any other.

The king asked the head coach to take the old man to the shrine to train the hawk. He said he would visit them the next day to see if there was a change.

The next day, the king was surprised to see the other falcon flying like the first at great heights at high speed. The king was very happy and gave a handful of gold coins to the old man.

Then the king asked the old man what he had done to fly the bird in one day. The old man simply replied, "I just cut the tree branch where the hawk was sitting."

Many of us are like that. We have wings to fly; We know how to fly and where to fly. We sit around doing nothing or doing something that makes us inferior to others.

Moral : Do not stay still when you have wings to fly!

Real Vs Fake | Very Short Stories With Morals

Very Short Stories With Morals

Minnu was a sweet, lovely and beautiful girl, six years old. She was an adorable child, since she always obeyed her elders. Minnu's parents loved her for his incredible behavior.
(Very Short Stories With Morals)
One day, Minnu's mother took her to the grocery store. When they went through the shops, Minnu noticed a pretty necklace of bright pink plastic beads. She asked her mother to buy her the necklace. Her mother told her it cost a few cents. She asked her to do some chores so that Minnu would get some money and buy the pink necklace for each complete job.

Minnu prepared a to-do list and helped her mother with all the tasks. Her mother was very happy and paid enough money to buy the pink necklace.

Minnu, fortunately, bought the necklace and used it everywhere, every time, except during the bath. Her mother said that her neck would turn pink and that the pearls would lose their lustre if she used it during the bath. But all the other times, Minnu used it, even during his sleep.

Minnu's father told him stories at bedtime. One night, after finishing a story, his father asked him how much he loved him. Minnu replied, "You know how much I love you."

Dad asked, "So give me your pearl necklace, please!"

Minnu replied, "Please, Dad, I love you a lot, but do not ask for these pearls, I'll give you the pink Barbie you bought for me a month ago."

Dad said, "Well, honey."
(Very Short Stories With Morals)
After a few days, the conversation is repeated between Minnu and his father. Once again, Minnu refused to give him his pearl necklace and asked his father to take his pet. Dad kissed him and left with a smile.

This has been repeated many times.

pearl necklace in pink. One day, Minnu slept while his father was reading a story. She held the necklace in her hands. His father took the pearl necklace. The next moment, he woke up and asked, "Dad, what are you doing?"

Dad quickly opened a jewelry box near his bed and handed him a beautiful necklace of pink pearls. He said, "Honey, this is your real necklace, I wanted to remove the fake all this time to give you that truth."

She replied, "Thanks daddy!"

Minnu immediately gave up his fake collar for the real thing.

God wants us to give up all the false and cheap things we consider precious in our lives. They can be habits, hatreds, harmful relationships, activities, negative thoughts, etc. This will provide us with authentic things if we give up the wrong!

Imitation Of The Blind  Is Bad | Very Short Stories With Morals

Very Short Stories With Morals
ery Short Stories With Morals)
One day, a saint who was going somewhere with his disciples saw a pond full of fish on the way. He stopped there and began to fill his mouth with fish. The disciples followed their guru. The saint did not tell them anything and after a while he left.

Then they came to another pond, where there was no fish. The saint stood on his shore and began to take out the fish he had swallowed. When the disciples saw this, they were surprised and also tried to throw up the fish, but after several attempts, they could only recover dead fish.

In this regard, the saint says: "Fools, when they did not know how to keep the fish alive in the belly, why did they imitate me?"

We really say never to imitate anyone.