Brinjal Plant | Tenali Rama Moral Story

Brinjal Plant | Tenali Rama Moral Story

"Sri Krishna Devaraya was the Emperor of Vijayanagra, he had eight counselors, Tenali Rama was one of them, he was very intelligent , Sri Krishna Devaraya had a special kind of brinjal plants in his garden, the plant was very rare kind.The curry made out of it was very tasty, which was loved by the emperor.As it was very rare kind, the garden was guarded by guards and no one could see the plants without the permission of the emperor .

Once the emperor organized a dinner for his councilors, the brinjal curry was served. Tenali Rama had really enjoyed  curry and had gone home. But he could not forget the taste. He talked to his wife about the taste of curry. Tenali Rama's wife also liked the  curry, she asked Tenali Rama to bring few brinjals to prepare a curry. But Tenali Rama knew that the emperor was taking great care of Brinjal's plants and could easily detect the absence of a single brinjal in his garden. And the emperor will punish such a thief if he catches him stealing brinjal in his garden.

But Tenali's wife begged him to bring a brinjal from the garden without saying anything to anyone. Tenali Rama had no choice but to steal brinjal from the emperor's garden. One night, he went to the garden, jumped the wall and took brine from the garden. By the grace of the god, no one had seen him. His wife cooked  the curry and it was very tasty. Like all mothers, she loved her son a lot and wanted to serve him a brinjal curry. But Tenali Rama asked her not to do such a thing, because if his son reveals to anyone that he had a rare brinjal curry, he can be caught and punished for stealing a brinjal in the garden.

But his wife did not agree. She wanted to serve curry to her son. She could not eat the curry alone without serving her little boy who slept after doing homework on the roof of his house. She asked Tenali Rama to find a way for her son to also taste the curry with brine. Tenali Rama also loved his son, so he thought of an idea and, with great hesitation, went to the roof to wake his son with a bucket of water and poured water on the child. When the child woke up, he said, "It's raining, let's go into the house and have dinner." After entering the room, he changed his son's clothes and gave him rice and brinjal for the dinner. Tenali Rama said to his wife aloud, "It was raining outside and He let the boy sleep in the room."

And the next day, the Emperor knew that there were only a few brinjal left in his garden. The gardener who counted each vegetable and discovered that the three brinjal were missing. It became a difficult subject for the emperor and he took it very seriously. He has declared a reward for the person who can catch the thief. The chief advisor, Appaji, suspected that only Tenali Rama was able to do these things. And they told the emperor. The emperor sent his courtiers and asked Tenali Rama to come immediately. Once Tenali Rama arrived, he asked about the missing brinjal. Then Tenali Rama said: "I did not know that brinjal were missing." Then the senior advisor told him, "Tenali Rama was lying, let's ask your son."

The king sent his courtiers to bring the son of Tenali Rama. Once his son arrived, they asked him what vegetable he had eaten the night before at dinner. The boy replied, "The curry brinjal and it was very tasty". Then the counselor told Tenali Rama that he should accept his crime. But Tenali Rama said his son had slept very early and was perhaps saying something he had had in his dream.

Then the emperor asked the child "can you clearly explain what you did yesterday after your return from school?"

Tenali Rama's son replied that "yesterday after I arrived at school, I played for a while and then I went to the roof, did my homework and slept on the roof. but when it started to rain, my dad came and woke me up At that time, my dress was completely wet, then we went in, had dinner and slept again. "

The senior advisor, Appaji, was surprised because yesterday there was no rain. And the environment was completely dry. So they thought the boy had a dream and they released Tenali Rama without any punishment. However, later, Tenali Raman told the truth to the emperor and was pardoned by the emperor for his  genious idea.

Moral: To start, stealing is not a good thing! You can still use your brain and relieve difficult situations.