Humility Moral Stories.

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  Once that was a saint, he used to often travel on and his rule was that he used to take refuge in the same people's house whose pickle is good and the house is sacred. This time, he thought of going to Vrindavan. but even before he reached, when he was a few miles away, that was the night. So they thought about the way they were walking, spend the night in the village and I will get up early and start my journey again.
(Humility Moral Stories)
   According to their rules now they had to find a home that they could afford. They questioned some people about this, so someone told them that all the people in the village near Braj are religious and are the devotees of Krishna.
(Humility Moral Stories)
  The saint went to the village and knocked at the door of one person's house and said: Brother, I want to rest a bit, can I spend the night in your house? But I have a rule that I accept food and water of the house only, whose house is considered to be ethical.

   The person said on this: Maharaj, I am sorry I am a small person of this village. But all the people of this village are more holy than me. Even if you stay in my house then I will consider myself lucky.
(Humility Moral Stories)
  On this, the saint did not say anything and went ahead, went ahead and requested another person to spend the night. Then the other person said: Maharaj, I do not consider myself as sacred as all the other people in this village. Even if you stay in my house then I will be very happy.

  Saints went ahead without saying anything. Now everyone who went to the house, all talk about this.
  Then the sage began to feel disgraced on his own thinking that he is such a saint, that he has such a small mind to understand others as small. While a common man who is a householder, he has done his best to conduct his family responsibilities even though he is telling himself the smallest of the village and everyone else is better than himself.
(Humility Moral Stories)
  Then he went to the first man and said to him: Excuse me, I think every single person in this village is holy but I would like to stay at your house.

Moral: This Story teaches us to be polite. Thinking of yourself as small and not comparing yourself with others, makes you a great man in real life.

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