Imagination Rope Moral Stories.

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 Once that was a businessman, he had three camels with whom the city-city was roaming and doing business. Once the night went, he thought, to rest, I stuck at this inn and tied his wicker outside the inn, the trader began to bind his camel. He tied two camels, but when he started to bind the third camel, his rope ended. Only then a fakir was leaving, he saw the businessman troubled and asked him: What happened? Seeing bother? Tell me what the problem is, maybe I could help you some!
(Imagination Rope Moral Stories)
  The businessman said: Ha Baba, I am tired of roaming all day. Now I have to go inside the inn and have to rest but my rope has fallen short to bind this shear camel.
  When Faqir heard the merchant's problem, he began to laugh loudly and said to the trader: Bind this third camel in the same way as if you have tied the other two tricks.
(Imagination Rope Moral Stories) 
The businessman was a little surprised when he heard this and said that the ropes are over.
On this, the Faqir said: Yes, when I said that it was tied with a rope, you tied this third camel with the rope of the imagination.

  The trader did the same thing and he pretended to cast a fictitious rope in the neck of the camel and tied his other end to the tree. As soon as he unleashed it, the third camel sat down with a great rest.
    (Imagination Rope Moral Stories)   The trader went inside the inn to sleep comfortably and opened the wick to go back in the morning, then all the camels stood and got ready to walk but the third camel was not getting up. The businessman started to beat him by getting angry, but still, he did not get up, so the same person came there, and said, why are you killing this beggar?

  He was not sitting in the past yesterday and you were upset and today even when he is sitting in comfort even then you have trouble! The trader said, but I have to go to Maharaj. I am getting late and it is not that I am not getting up.
(Imagination Rope Moral Stories)
Faqir said: Hey brother had tied it yesterday. Now if you open it today then it will rise.
On this, the trader said: I used to pretend that it was tied to it, only if I had tied it.
Now the Faqir said: Tomorrow, as you pretended to bind it, just now play it open today.
(Imagination Rope Moral Stories)
The trader did the same and camel stood camel in a moment(Imagination Rope Moral Stories)
   Faqir Said:As the camels were tied to invisible ropes, people are also tied to the old customs, there are some rules which they do not know for the reason, but people still themselves They are also tied to them and want to build others and do not want to move forward, whereas change is the rule of nature and therefore we should not think about the rituals, because of the happiness of ourselves and our loved ones. Should think switch to.
(Imagination Rope Moral Stories)